Our Space

DESN Trailblazers

Our cohort is the first graduating class of the DESN program, pioneering a brand-new space for up-and-coming designers to thrive.

What once was the York Sheridan Design (YSDN) program has now transitioned to become the York University, Bachelor of Design (DESN) program. Throughout our time in this program, we have explored countless design concepts, honed our skills, and collaborated with fellow students and industry professionals. We have taken on challenges, faced obstacles, and persevered in the face of adversity. Now, as we prepare to graduate and move on to the next chapter of our lives, we are thrilled to showcase our work and share it with the world.

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Welcome To Our Space

Over the past four years, we’ve carved out a safe, supportive, and inclusive community that spans both physical and digital spaces, from the classroom to Discord and Zoom.

Now, as we prepare to venture out into the world beyond the walls of our university, we want to invite you - industry professionals, design community creatives, family, and friends, to join us in our space. We want to share with you the culmination of our hard work and dedication in our upcoming exhibition, DES_N SPACE.

Regardless of what the theme of DES_N SPACE means to each of us personally, it contributes to the space we’ve carved as a program, the space we’ve created as designers, and the spaces we are moving into upon graduation.

Our Home Away From Home

The fourth floor of the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh building has been our home away from home. It has been a place of creativity, inspiration, and hard work as we honed our skills and pushed ourselves to reach new heights in our craft. From lengthy critique sessions to all-nighters, and from test prints to moments of laughter, the fourth floor has seen it all. Here are just a few of our grad’s memories to commemorate these special four years.